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From our first meeting, Blake has been a trusted collaborator for our business. He’s been an aggressive and ambitious advocate on our behalf. He has proven a valuable asset in our success. I can only urge anyone starting a business in the cannabis space to quickly take advantage of The Mensing Group’s knowledge and expertise.
— Perry Bailes, CEO, Wicked Frosty Farms LLC
The Mensing Group has a been a great resource, allowing us to focus on our objective with a comforting level of trust we can rely upon. Blake and George both give so much effort to their work, providing us with complete confidence in legal and business representation. We stand behind their efforts, knowing they will represent us with a moral and ethical standard of
excellence and integrity. This backbone of character gives our brand 100% confidence in every move they make. Our team feels they are more like close friends or family than advisors. We look forward to working with them closely in the future and appreciate the genuine service they provide to our business.
— Andrew Mutty, Co-Owner, Beantown Greentown LLC