Legal and Strategic Counseling for Massachusetts Cannabis Businesses

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Local permitting and state licensing

No matter which license type you're seeking, you simply cannot construct and open your cannabis business in Massachusetts without rigid adherence to both the local regulatory regime and the state's Cannabis Control Commission's regulations. The Mensing Group LLC can guide your business through every aspect of the municipal permitting process for your recreational marijuana establishment, from identifying the site's precise zoning district, leading the mandatory public outreach meeting to allay citizens' concerns, to negotiating a host community agreement with real reciprocal benefits.

Each municipality, and its individual officials, committees, and boards, all operate in slightly different ways based on the unique political realities and local sentiment, requiring a custom tailored approach to maximize your facility's chances of garnering the needed local approvals. With the local process complete, the next hurdle is to prepare a winning application to the Cannabis Control Commission. Our team will ensure that your application package to the Cannabis Control Commission not only adheres to the regulatory requirements but also conveys the underlying ethos of your proposed business to help you stand out positively from the crowd. Your advisors and attorneys are crucial to getting the requisite permission to open and operate a recreational marijuana establishment in Massachusetts. Choose your navigators wisely!

Business operations and Strategic Advising

We can help guide you from the first steps of your business, through the day to day operations, to potential buyout. No other firm in Massachusetts has devoted themselves solely to the recreational cannabis market and we are proud of that focus. Our single-minded concern is helping you create a successful cannabis business.


We have sought out and obtained strategic partnerships with some of the cannabis industry's giants and new entrants to the ancillary services market. Ask us how our network can help you grow your Massachusetts cannabis business!


Choose Your Navigators Wisely!